La chambre
Film Hotel Monterey + La chambre Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
May 16, 2018
  • 7PM

These early structuralist experiments from groundbreaking director Chantal Akerman—made while she was living in New York—are ghostly studies of space, stillness, mood, and melancholy.

MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)

Hotel Monterey

Dir. Chantal Akerman
1972, 62min, DCP


Channeling the noir-tinged visual style of Edward Hopper, Chantal Akerman’s unblinking camera prowls the corridors, rooms, and elevators of a seedy Manhattan flophouse. This silent, haunting study in stillness conjures a subtly eerie mood of melancholy and mystery.

La chambre

Dir. Chantal Akerman
1972, 11min, DCP


A slow, circular pan across a small apartment is continuously repeated, with an occasional glimpse of a lone human figure: Akerman herself, staring impassively from her bed. That the filmmaker seems to disappear amid the claustrophobic clutter of her surroundings makes this early structuralist short a ghostly, unsettling self-portrait.