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Shorts Program 3

Sun, Apr 29, 2018
  • 4:30PM
RUN TIME: 85min
MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)
+  Q&A with filmmakers moderated by Karen McMullen, New Voices Arts & Media
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Sunday April 29, 2018
Performances no longer available.
Moths & Butterflies

Dir. Alfonso Johnson
2018, 16min


A schizoaffective man and a free-spirited woman discover a common bond in this New York-set tale about mental illness, love, and the longing to be understood.

Victor & Isolina

Dir. William D. Caballero
2016, 6min


In this poignant animated documentary, Victor and Isolina, a couple in their 80s, discuss their complex, life-long, and sometimes trying relationship.

The Mud

Dir. Brandon Lake
2017, 6min


A man finds liberation from destructive outside forces through movement and dance in this innovative claymation work.

Happy Today

Dir. Giulio Tonincelli
2017, 17min


Set in a remote village in Northern Uganda, this documentary follows the journey of a woman learning to be a midwife and what it means to serve other women with love and joy.

War Paint

Dir. Katrelle Kindred
2018, 17min


Kiyanna, a 15-year-old living in South LA, hopes for a carefree Fourth of July but instead finds herself confronting sexual harassment, double standards, and racial profiling in this look at what it means to be a young black woman in America.

Baby Brother

Dir. Kamau Bilal
2018, 14min


A young man finds himself at an impasse one summer after moving back in with his parents.

Swimmin’ Lesson

Dir. Shahari Moore & Christine List
2011, 9min


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a man confronts his demons.

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Muslimah's Guide to Marriage
Muslimah's Guide to Marriage

A black Muslim woman scrambles to save her marriage in this brash, witty romantic comedy.

Thu, Apr 26, 2018
New voices short program 1
Shorts Program 1

Brooklyn-set stories of identity, immigration, and activism that hit close to home.

Fri, Apr 27, 2018
Burning Angel Dust
Shorts Program 2

Filmmakers grapple with what it means to be black in America today.

Sat, Apr 28, 2018