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Beyond the Canon: Ravenous + The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Fri, Sep 28, 2018
  • 7PM
MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)
+  Ravenous screens first, followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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Friday September 28, 2018
Performances no longer available.

Dir. Antonia Bird
With Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette
1999, 100min, 35mm


On the eve of the California Gold Rush, a disgraced soldier is dispatched to a remote outpost in the Sierra Nevadas, where he finds himself in the midst of a coven of cast-off men who gradually develop a taste for human flesh. Mixing pitch-black comedy with unrepentant gore, director Antonia Bird fashions a totally twisted, wickedly subversive cannibal comedy that deserves to be more than just a cult classic. Plus: a one-of-a-kind score by composer Michael Nyman and Blur’s Damon Albarn.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Dir. Tobe Hooper
With Marilyn Burns, Paul A. Partain, Gunnar Hansen
1974, 84min, DCP


One of the most notorious and influential horror films of the 1970s introduced the world to the legend of Leatherface, the power tool-wielding cannibal psychopath who ensnares a group of unlucky friends deep in the bloody heart of Texas. Steeped in grindhouse grime, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre does what the best exploitation cinema does: reflects the social climate of its time—in this case Vietnam/Watergate-era nihilism—with a transgressive fearlessness.

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Beyond the Canon—Ravenous + The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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