Chickens for kimaru
Film | Short Docs: My Story, My Way Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Feb 3—Feb 4, 2018
Running Time: 72min

These mini documentaries offer a window into the lives of youth around the world, following kids as they navigate pivotal life changes that impact their future.

$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors (65+)

Chickens for Kimaru (Kippen Voor Kimaru)

Dir. Eriss Khajira and Anne van Campenhout
Netherlands, live action documentary, 2016, 15min
In Dutch, Swahili, Kikayu, and English


Kimaru lives in a small town in Nairobi with his mother and two sisters. When his family becomes unable to afford his school’s fees, he decides to apprentice with a local chicken farmer in the hopes of selling eggs at the market. With great determination, Kimaru must learn the true meaning of perseverance in order to return to school and support his ambition for a better life.

Safia's Summer

Dir. Els Van Driel
Netherlands, live action, 2016, 15min
In Dutch and Arabic


When Safia and her family relocate from Libya to the Netherlands, she’s eager for the opportunity to finally go to school. But the classes she attends in a refugee camp feel confining. When she’s given an opportunity to go to summer camp, Safia begins to feel, for the first time, that she can engage in a variety of activities—and a sense of hope.

Emil and the Bridge Divers

Dir. Friedemann Hottenbacher
Germany, live action, 28 min
In Bosnian


Emil and his friends spend hours sitting on the rocks beneath Stari Most—the famous old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina—studying the form of the divers who enter this annual competition. Emil aspires to participate in this centuries-old tradition. But before that, he'll have to overcome his fear of heights.

Kojo: A Short Documentary

Dir. Michael Fequiere
US, live action, 2016, 14min


Gifted jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney, the son of jazz saxophonist Antoine Roney, knows full well that while jazz runs through his veins, he’ll never make it as a musician by relying solely on his natural ability. It's his steady dedication to improving his craft that'll set him apart.