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Thrills, Spills, and Antics

Ages 3—5
Feb 3—Feb 4, 2018
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RUN TIME: 54min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors (65+)
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TIFF Kids™ International Film Festival

From sledding with a squirrel, to stomping with elephants, to guarding a leaf from a hungry caterpillar, these animated nuggets offer lessons in being yourself and finding beauty in life's little accidents.

Limited Ticket Availability  

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Dir. David Cowles, Jeremy Galante
USA, animation, 2016, 3min


Stomp along with elephants as they come through your town, in this catchy musical number from They Might Be Giants.

The Klumz

Dir. Neshama Ryman
USA, animation, 2016, 4min


The make-believe Klumz family finds beauty and wonder in a real life family’s accidents and messes.

Little Flower

Dir. Brigette Heffernan
Ireland, 2016, 3min


A small but determined flower puts its petals to the metal in trying to achieve its dream of flight.

The Sled

Belchonoki sanki
Dir. Oleysa Shchukina
Russia, 2016, 4min


An energetic little squirrel is in for the ride of his life when he makes an exciting discovery on a winter’s day.

Moonlight Storytime: Wooly Dragon

Dir. Kirsten Lepore, Villamor Cruz, Jr.
USA, 2015, 3min


Sheila is a lonely dragon who wants nothing more than to frolic with the flock of sheep. But her fiery breath puts this budding friendship to the ultimate test.

Animation (According to Children)

Dir. Daniela Monzon
Canada, 2016, 3min
In English and French with English subtitles


Imaginative kids answer the question: What is animation?

A Rhino Named Paul: Everybody Sleeps

Dir. Dave Schlafman, Mike Annear
USA, 2016, 3min


It’s bedtime, but a restless little rhino just isn’t ready to call it a day.


Dir. Dante Zaballa, Vaiana Gauthier
Germany, 2016 , 1min


An entire world of inspiration just might be waiting for you inside one humble autumn leaf.


Dir. Kariem Saleh
Germany, 2016, 4min


A little tiger’s rumbly tummy gets into some mouthwatering mischief.


Dir. Henning M. Lederer
Germany/United Kingdom/Canada, 2016, 1min


Strap in and enjoy the breeze while catching a ride on this fine summer’s day.


Dir. Yekaterina Filippova
Russia, 2016, 2min


Things go a little off the rails when some hungry goats traipse into the dining car to see what’s on the menu.

Hey Duggee: The Making Music Badge

Dir. Grant Orchard
United Kingdom, 2016, 7min


Big loveable club leader Duggee teaches the Squirrels troop about rhythm, harmony, and the emotional power of music.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

Der Kleine Vogel und die Raupe
Dir. Lena von Döhren
Switzerland, 2016, 4min


This loveable little bird is back, cherishing and nurturing the green leaves of his home in the maple trees—but a hungry caterpillar has eyes on our feathered friend’s foliage.


Dir. Valle Comba Canales
Spain, 2016, 3min


Uka, who lives in an abandoned factory, uses her surroundings as inspiration to create a masterful artwork.

Through the Woods: A Snowy Morning

Dir. J. Meeka Stuart
USA, 2017, 3min


On their way to grandmother’s house, Rider and his beloved dog Wolfie discover fresh animal tracks in the snow and work together to determine which animal left each print.

Seven Siblings

Dir. Juila Ocker
Germany, 2016, 1min


Seven siblings love the number seven. That is, until they meet Evan.

Kiwi & Strit: Wash day

Dir. Esben Toft Jacobsen
Denmark, 2016, 5min


Suds fly when Kiwi and Strit have a difference of opinion on the merits of taking a bath.

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