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Adventures Ahead!

Ages 6—8
Short films
Feb 2—Feb 3, 2019
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RUN TIME: 63min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors (65+)
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Northwest Film Forum

Some days seem made for saying “hip-hip-hooray,” while others can bring more challenges and hills to climb. These animated short films are filled with tales of breakthrough and learning to appreciate how our friends and families can make the world go round in the most magical way.

Adventures Ahead! features films from Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Latvia, Russia, South Africa, The Netherlands, and UK.

Limited Ticket Availability  
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Dir. Sophie Olga de Jong, Sytske Kok
The Netherlands, animation, 2018, 2min
NY Premiere


As a girl’s grandfather teaches her how to ride a bike, she discovers that real adventures begin where the road ends.


Dir. Sergei Ryabov
Russia, animation, 2018, 3min
In Russian with English subtitles
New York premiere


An inseparable girl and cat are on a long journey, playing checkers. The girl keeps winning—until the cat gets a lucky break.

My Granny

Dir. Giselle Pérez
Guatemala/Canada, animation, 2018, 2min
New York Premiere


A child finds joy in cooking with her grandma.

Little Twinkle Smile

Dir. Ivana Guljasevic Kuman
Croatia, animation, 2018, 5min
New York premiere


A sweet witch spends a month perfecting her cackle to show off to all her monster friends.

Belly Flop

Dir. Jeremy Collins
South Africa, animation, 2018, 5min
New York Premiere


Persistence pays off when a young girl who is learning to dive is unperturbed by another diver who steals the spotlight.

Bango Vassil

Dir. Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova
Germany/Bulgaria, animation, 2016, 8min
In Bulgarian with English subtitles
New York Premiere


Two kids overcome prejudice when they take an unexpected New Year’s Eve journey on the shoulders of a giant.

Detective Avery Ebsen

Dir. Michael Farnon
UK, animation, 2018, 3min
New York Premiere


A young detective, who specializes in recovering lost toys, doesn’t always have the best luck bringing lost treasures back to their owners. But she knows that what she does makes a difference.

If You Fall

Dir. Tisha Deb Pillai
Canada, animation, 2018, 6min


Eight-year-old Lila learns that she can ride a bike, and her parents can overcome their challenges too.

Burn Out

Dir. Cécile Carre
France, animation 2017, 4min


Stella, a space mechanic, is stranded on a desert planet, until a little girl appears out of nowhere to show her the way to her next adventure.

Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness

Dir. Edmunds Janson
Latvia, Animation, 2017, 25min
New York Premiere


To win back her parents’ attention, a six-year-old girl nicknamed Pigtail and her imaginary friend Mr. Sleeplessness come up with a clever plan to send her baby brother and grandma to the moon.

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