Film Documentary Shorts Program Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Jun 22, 2019
  • 2PM
Running Time: 97min

Traveling from a black Southern barbershop to underground Bushwick to the US-Mexico border, these short form documentaries illuminate the margins of American society.

+ Q&A with filmmakers


Dir. Kyle Myers-Haugh
2019, 12min


This immersion into a black barbershop in Wilmington, North Carolina unfolds as an almost abstract symphony of straight razors and straight talk.

Yves & Variation

Dir. Lydia Cornett
2019, 17min


A New York City doorman wears many hats—father, art curator, and erstwhile violinist—as he works tirelessly to give back to his community in Haiti.


Dir. Ben Garchar
2019, 15min


The lives of three strangers—a pigeon keeper, a webcam model, and a man haunted by ghosts—intertwine mysteriously amidst the backdrop of a rapidly gentrifying Bushwick in this ethereal documentary.

Days of Black and Yellow

Dirs. Lotfy Nathan, Willie Miesmer & Ray Levé
2019, 11min


A galvanizing eulogy for Douglas Schifter, the New York City taxi driver who saw his life and industry destroyed by the rise of ride-sharing apps.

Easter Snap

Dir. RaMell Ross
2019, 14min


Oscar-nominated director RaMell Ross (Hale County This Morning, This Evening) finds unexpectedly rich resonances in a hog processing ritual in rural Alabama.

I Snuck Off the Slave Ship

Dirs. Lonnie Holley & Cyrus Moussavi
2019, 20min


An ecstatic Afrofuturist tone poem set to the music of visionary folk artist Lonnie Holley.

It’s Going to Be Beautiful

Dirs. Luis Gutierrez Arias & John Henry Theisen
2019, 9min


A dystopian meditation on the building of the US-Mexico border wall as government workers test the ominously imposing steel and concrete prototypes.