Film International Shorts Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Sep 21, 2019
  • 7PM
Running Time: 70min

Animation Block Party presents a diverse collection of award-winning international short films.

MEMBERS: $8 (free for Level 4 and above)

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Dir. Tess Martin
7min, Netherlands


Spinning drawings guide the flow of energy through our planet, pondering our place in the natural cycle.


Dir. Flóra Anna Buda
10min, Hungary


Three parallel universes where three girls live in different circumstances.


Dir. Delia Hess
9min, Switzerland


A small planet, in their private universe, inhabitants perform poetically surreal actions in an endless loop.

Still Lives

Dir. Elli Vuorinen
6min, Finland


Busy stillness is explored as museum artifacts reflect on the mundane challenges of modern life.

Deady Freddy

Dir. Alicia Eisen
10min, Vancouver, BC


Freddy must live his life backwards through the eyes of every bug he has ever killed.


Dir. Tyler Nardone
2min, Toronto


A dimwitted pigeon unknowingly incites the wrath of the Pope after pooping on his head.

Lee Ann Womack’s “Hollywood”

Dir. Chris Ullens
5min, UK


Lee Ann embarks on a cinematic road trip through an iconic California.

Home Away 3000

Dir. Heloise Petel
11min, France


After crashing and landing on an unknown planet, a space traveler begins repairing his spaceship.


Dir. Dmitri Voloshin
8min, Moldova


An exciting adventure about an astronaut forgotten in orbit and his dream that unexpectedly came true.


Dir. Jola Bankowska
5min, Poland


In the age of omnipresent technology, a young girl observes the world as virtual sinks into reality.


Dir. Cliona Noonan
6min, Ireland


A late-night supermarket cashier with a strange obsession is visited by a mysterious customer.