Film | Kids Reel Rascals: Stories Delight Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Feb 2—Feb 3, 2019
Running Time: 60min

From hand-drawn adventures to computer-animated musical delights, these short films from around the world were specially selected for our youngest audiences.

$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors (65+)

KOYAA – Naughty Toy Car

Dir. Kolja Saksida
Slovenia/Croatia, animation, 2017, 3min


When cleaning his room, Koyaa has to invent a creative game to guide a very mischievous car back into the toy chest.

I Want To Live in the Zoo

Dir. Evgenia Golubeva
Russia, animation, 2017, 6min


Bored at home, Sasha decides that she would much rather live in the zoo. As she searches for her place with the monkeys, penguins, and elephants, she discovers that home, with her parents, may be the best fit after all.

Jazzoo: Elephant Delivery

Dir. Adam Marco-Nord
Sweden, animation, 2017, 2min


Get in the groove with party-going elephants who dance in the jungle to jazz music by award-winning Swedish quintet Oddjob.

Ernest & Celestine, The Collection: Blizzard

Dir. Jean-Christophe Roger, Julien Cheng
France, animation, 2017, 12min


As Ernest prepares to hibernate, Celestine goes in search of the perfect ingredients to make him a batch of yummy cookies. These unlikely friends reunite in this beautifully animated and heartwarming tale.

Musical World of Mr. Zoink

Dir. Mark Taylor
UK, animation, 2017, 2min


Discover the magical world of sounds and rhythm with Mr. Zoink and his musical friends. When every sound can make a song, you can’t get it wrong!

No-No Wants to Try Sport

Dir. Mathieu Auvray
France, animation, 2016, 6min


No-No the platypus wakes up with an amazing idea: to learn a new sport! In order to find out what he likes, he asks his friends for advice.

George and Paul: Higher

Dir. Joost Van Den Bosch, Erik Verkerk
Belgium/The Netherlands, animation, 2016, 6min


Best friends George and Paul live in a world of wooden blocks. When they are challenged with a jumping contest, they use their imagination, creativity, and building skills to jump a little bit higher.

Ambassadors of the Cosmos

Dir. Béla Klingl
Hungary, animation, 2017, 5min


When two excitable stray dogs are selected to make the journey to outer space, they make a lasting impression on the alien life forms they encounter.


Dir. Julia Ocker
Germany, animation, 2017, 3min


A penguin waiter wants everything to be perfect at his party, but things do not go as planned.

Lemon & Elderflower

Dir. Ilenia Cotardo
UK, animation, 2017, 3min


Hummingbird siblings are not able to fly like other birds, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to invent a new way to soar.

A Bit Lost

Dir. Hélène Ducrocq
France, animation, 2017, 5min
In French with English subtitles


With the help of his new friend Squirrel, Little Owl searches for his mother in the jungle in this brightly animated adapted tale.

Wishing Box

Dir. Wenli Zhang, Nan Li
USA, animation, 2017, 5min


When his food-obsessed sidekick monkey is the only one who can use a magic treasure box, a greedy pirate does everything he can to make his wishes of fortune come true.