The Complete Electronic Diaries
Film The Electronic Diaries + Shorts Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Feb 13, 2019
  • 9:15PM
Running Time: 112min

From a proto-YouTube VHS confessional to an ecstatic experiment in perception, this program spotlights form-challenging artists whose films inspired Riggs’ forward-thinking video work.

MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)

The Complete Electronic Diaries

Dir. Lynn Hershman Leeson
1984—97, 76min


Decades before vlogging went mainstream, video visionary Lynn Hershman Leeson explored the relationship between our real and virtual selves in this sly, unsettlingly intimate taped confessional, which lays bare one woman’s innermost thoughts, anxieties, and obsessions.

The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough

Dir. Peter Rose
1981, 32min


An ecstatic experiment in perception in which the camera—surveying everything from a solar eclipse to the Golden Gate Bridge—becomes a tool of extra-sensory transcendence.

I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla

Dir. Jeanne C. Finley
1982, 4min


A wry recounting of the real-life story of “a tiny contemporary woman” and her unlikely encounter with Christ.