Film | Kids Voyage Around the World Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinemas
Feb 2—Feb 3, 2019
Running Time: 55min

Get a peek into the lives of children around the world in this wide-ranging program of short films, illustrating universal themes of imagination, play, cooperation, and acceptance.

$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors (65+)


Dir. Robin Hays, Andy Poon
Canada, animation, 2017, 4min


In this wildly imaginative short film, the characters featured in a wall of posters come to life and work together to avoid being painted over by the city's clean-up crew.


Dir. Roopa Rao
India, live action, 2017, 6min
In English, Kannada, and Tamil with English subtitles


After learning the importance of trees, Aditi is sad to not have space for one in her family’s cramped apartment. However, there may be another way for her to experience nature’s daily miracles.


Dir. Negareh Halimi, Mohamad Amin Malekian
Iran, animation, 2017, 2min


Brightly colored plasticine figures dance, play, and shape-shift in this musical stop-motion animated story.

Doctor of Monster

Dir. Gustavo Teixeira
Brazil, live action, 2017, 11min
In Portuguese with English subtitles


Eduardo’s classmates do not appreciate his choice of profession as a doctor of monsters. Thankfully, he soon receives some visitors who definitely approve.

The Swimming Lesson

Dir. Tatyana Okruzhnova
Russia, animation, 2017, 3min
In Russian with English subtitles


On a busy beach day, a little boy is captivated by the aquatic adventure stories he hears, but soon has to put his own swimming skills to the test.


Dir. Bastiaan Schravendeel
Netherlands, animation, 2017, 6min


While waiting for her train on a platform one night, Esra becomes distracted by an unusually lively Rubik's Cube that demands her attention with a persistent request.

Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful

Dir. Natalie van den Dungen
Australia, live action, 2018, 10min


Milly loves nothing in the world more than her pet guinea pig Sherbert and her dollhouse. Will this perfect trio stay that way when Milly’s mother invites another playmate over?

Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant

Dir. Genevieve Clay-Smith
Australia, live action, 2017, 3min


During a visit to an art gallery, a boy serves as a very special kind of tour guide for his mother, who has a visual impairment.

Dear Henri,

Dir. Matthew Sandager
USA, live action/animation, 2017, 12min


After the loss of her namesake Grandpa Henry, Henri finds an imaginative way to maintain their special connection.

Square Guy

Dir. Collin Mapp
US, animation, 2017, 2min


Square Guy tries to find his place in a colorful and confusing world, but it keeps changing!