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Markie Milwaukee
Film Markie in Milwaukee


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Dir. Matt Kliegman | 88min, 2019

Using over a decade of vérité footage and interviews, director Matt Kliegman highlights the struggles of fundamentalist Baptist minister Mark Wenzel, who comes out at age 46 as a transgender woman named Markie.

When fundamentalist Baptist minister Mark Wenzel decides at age 46 to come out as a transgender woman named Markie, it ends her 20-year marriage, estranges her three children, and sees her dismissed from her beloved church and exiled to the margins of her community. Markie’s aim is simple: to be a good person and lead a devout life. Her struggles reveal the depth of our country's fixation on identity—political, spiritual and personal—and an acute fear of those who don’t fit neatly within their own communities. When those around you won't accept you for who you are, how do you find a way to accept yourself?

Drawing on over a decade of vérité footage and interviews, director Matt Kliegman makes his feature debut with a Diane Arbus-inspired observational style: at once intimate and voyeuristic, tragic and hopeful.

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