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Animation Block Summer Mix, Volume Two

Sat, Aug 13, 2022
  • 6PM
RUN TIME: 70min
MEMBERS: $8 (free for Level 4 and above)
August 2022
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Saturday August 13, 2022
Performances no longer available.
Part of Film series Animation Block Party

In this kaleidoscopic universe of animated shorts, a sea beast seeks, a boy saves his local cinema, nightmares return, and gender transition ... and that's just a glimpse.

Out of Pasture

Dir. Jared D. Weiss, 1min


A beast at sea yearns for more.

This Is My Suitcase–Memories

Dir. Robert Bohn, 2 min


An exploration of one man’s life through distant memories of his cat.

Angelo Saves The Cinema

Dir. Thomas Gambardella, 4 min


A boy needs to save his local movie theater from going out of business.

Vegan On The Weekends

Dir. Faith ShaKira Chamblee, 4 min


A self proclaimed vegan gets put to work as a butcher on her first day of work at a local store.

A Priceless Proposal

Dir. Mars Marshall, 4 min


A rookie jewelry thief tries to steal a ring to propose to her girlfriend but a rival has other plans.

Sitaara Sisters

Dir. Nikki Sharma, 4 min


In a mystical palace, two sisters create stars in the form of magical orbs.

Olive and Otis

Dir. James Holsto, 5 min


A horror movie about dysphoria, gender transition, and the self.


Dir. tigris alt sakda, 11 min


Along the Amur River, mountains abound with mysterious lively treasures.

Recurring Dreams

Dir. Hyung Jin Lee, 2 min


A series of nightmares that have returned again and again over the years, haunting…

Swan Lake

Dir. Daeyoung Kim, 2 min


A determined hunter chases after a swan through a snowy vista where the supernatural is afoot.

The Surface Bell

Dir. Joseph Nunnink, 8 min


Sequestered in a smoky wood, an aging man attempts to escape a supernatural force.

Restless Is the Night

Dir. Xiaoxue Meng, 4 min


Exploring the unwanted situations women find themselves navigating everyday urban life.

The Waltz

Dir. Yulia Ruditskaya, 5 min


Shadows from an interwar Yiddish poem by A. Lutzky waltz at the edge of a modern world.

Running Late

Dir. Kamila Tlemissova, 3 min


A student is late for an important exam, and soon they start seeing strange things happening.


Dir. Coleen Baik, 2 min


An old woman on a mysterious journey to fulfill the cravings of her pregnant granddaughter.

Jingo Ball

Dir. Dana Sink, 3 min


An analogy on the evils that we try to protect our children from, only to become part of them.

The Journal

Dir. Gemma Hill, 2 min


A young writer gets discouraged by her parents.


Dir. Vivian Vazquez, 2 min


Stories about Gonzalo Neri Vazquez as told through his wife, daughter, and granddaughter.

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