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Reach for the stars
Film | Kids Reach for the Stars


On Demand: Feb 4—12
Running Time: 67min

Any star is within reach in these stellar films where kids, cats, and even candles stretch themselves to achieve the impossible.

In partnership with Melbourne International Animation Festival

Any star is within reach! Enjoy these stellar films where kids, cats, and even candles stretch themselves to achieve the impossible. Featuring films from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Includes films with English subtitles.

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GENERAL ADMISSION: Single Programs: Pay what you wish: $5, $10, $15, $20
Festival Pass: Pay what you wish: $30, $45, $60

Wonderfully Made (2022)

Dir. Joseph Hoh, 7min
Nonverbal, Animation


A young child with a rare skin condition is swept into the wonder of the heavens. Along the way he discovers the beauty within.

Andy, A Dog’s Tale (2022)

Dir. James Wheless, 8min
Nonverbal, Animation


Andy faces his biggest fear and ultimately finds his purpose in life: to help others as a Canine Companions service dog!

Apart (2021)

Dir. Alex Weight, 4min
Nonverbal, Animation


In a lonely city, two artists form a connection as they draw inspiration from each other’s artworks.

Cél (2021)

Dir. Marc Agosta, 3min
Nonverbal, Animation


An organic cell attains sentience in an unnatural environment, and its instinct is to get as far away as possible.

Hide (2022)

Dir. Shaochen Wang, 3min
Nonverbal, Animation


A group of bugs find themselves in a tight spot as they are finishing their big project.

Nobody Stands Nowhere (2022)

Dir. Emily Downe, 3min
Nonverbal, Animation


Nobody stands nowhere. Do you know where YOU stand and why? Everyone sees the world through a certain lens.

Up You Go (2022)

Dir. Roxann Gan, 4min
Nonverbal, Animation


As a little boy tries to send a star back to the sky, he experiences several mishaps that test his determination.

Scribblings (2021)

Dir. Tori Richards, 3min
Nonverbal, Animation


After obtaining a magical crayon that turns the things they draw into reality, two sisters play a game of “keep away” while traveling through the magical worlds they create.

Arlo Sings the Blues (2022)

Dir. R.J. Sullivan, 4min
In English, Animation


Arlo is a delusional cat who loves to sing all night long. Is he practicing or is he annoying? Hmmm... I guess that depends on who you ask. But this is Arlo’s story.

Papirola (2022)

Dir. Fabián Molinaro, 7 mins
Nonverbal, Animation


Nico, an energetic 8-year-old boy with the ability to fold all objects as if they were paper, happily collects all the things he likes from his house as he prepares for a trip. This paper collection forms a new friend with its own personality. When they are reunited with Nico’s mother, she reveals a big problem: there are only two individual tickets, one for her and one for him.

Cool For You (2022)

Dir. Sherene Strausberg, 3min
In English, Animation


Incorporating different characters, families, animals and plants, children are introduced to CO2 and positive, easy ways to improve our impact on the earth.

Luce and the Rock (2022)

Dir. Britt Raes, 13min
Belgium, the Netherlands, France
In English, Animation


The quiet life on a small island ends when a monstrous rock separates itself from the mountain. Only Luce finds the courage to accompany the monster home. With geometric shapes and clear colors, this animation tells of finding a home and feeling at home.