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Adventure Friends
Film | Kids Adventure Friends


RUN TIME: 60min
Single program -$5; $10; $15; $20/ Festival pass- $30, 45, 60. Tickets are pay-what-you-wish

Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022

Imagination and unexpected friendships are the best ingredients to stir up adventure in these animated shorts from around the world.

In partnership with Melbourne International Animation Festival

Imagination and unexpected friendships are the best ingredients to stir up adventure in these animated shorts from around the world. This program includes films from France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

On-sale dates for the in person program and the virtual program are separate. If you would like to attend the program in person and receive virtual access, you will need to buy two separate tickets. For additional questions or clarifications please contact

The in person program concluded on Feb 6.

In compliance with New York City’s vaccine mandate for indoor entertainment, all visitors ages 5+ and staff are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Children under the age of 5 will not be permitted to the event. Please visit BAM’s safety protocol page for the most up-to-date information.


Meep—FleaBITE (2021)

Dir. Benjamin Round, 2min
New Zealand


New Zealand children’s band FleaBITE celebrates their 10 year anniversary with a sweet, animated video of a classic. Mee-Meep… Mee-Meep, Mee Mee Meep Meeeeeeee…

And That's Just The Beginning Of The Story (2021)

Dir. Moesha Kellaway, 2min
In English


A simple but enchanting look at the world through the eyes of an 8-year-old, after all the silly adult stuff has been taken out.

Chasing Sparks (2019)

Dir. Lucas Moreira, 5min


A young boy chases his inspiration, trying hard to catch the ultimate prize: his very own original idea.

The Little Bang (2019)

Dir. Jihyeon Bae, 6min


It’s a great big universe, so there has to be a friend out there somewhere.

Cat And Bird (2021)

Dir. Franka Sachse, 7min


Anybody can be friends with anybody if they put their minds to it.

Master Painter Ransky (2021)

Dir. Uli Seis, 2min


There’s a very happy party on the roof, and Master Painter Ranksy knows the best way to get up there.

Kiki La Plume (2020)

Dirs. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin & Julie Rembauville, 6min


Bored with his little cage, Kiki La Plume makes a break for it one day when the door is left open. There’s only one small problem…

The Cat (2021)

Dir. Evgenia Ischik, 2min


This cat has all the right moves—it just makes them in all the wrong places!

Under The Clouds (2021)

Dir. Vasilisa Tikunova, 3min


A lamb named Walter desperately wants to become a free and beautiful cloud, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Patouille And The Parachute Seeds (2021)

Dirs. Ines Bernard-Espina, Melody Boulissiere, Clemetine Campos, 6min
In English


Patouille and his friend Momo help each other see just how amazing everything in nature really is if you look closely enough.

Menage a Trois: Flour, Eggs and Sugar (2020)

Dir. Michelle Yun-Jeong, 2min


Flour, eggs, and sugar… today that’s all you’re going to need to make a sweet little animated film in your own kitchen.

Water Drop (Goutte D'Eau) (2021)

Dirs. Melodie Leger-Rimbert, Kevin Hamimi, Yu Liu, Anjun Zou, 6min


If you’re a tiny drop of water in the middle of a hot, dry desert, you need to be fairly clever about how you spend your day.

Colorful (2021)

Dirs. Jaehyeon Cha, Byeong Hyeoh Hwang, 9min
South Korea


Will is a super smart kid who comes up with an amazing invention to help cure Norman the dog’s color-blindness.