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Big Dreams
Film | Kids Big Dreams


RUN TIME: 67min
Single program- $5; $10; $15; $20/ Festival pass- $30, 45, 60. Tickets are pay-what-you-wish

Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022

No dream is too big for these characters, from learning to fly to searching for the meaning of life!

In partnership with Melbourne International Animation Festival

No dream is too big for these characters, from learning to fly to searching for the meaning of life! This program includes films from Canada, France, Hungary, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Content Advisory:

On The Hill shows a freeze frame of the robot falling off a ladder, but shows his resiliency to get up and start again toward his goal.

Je Suis Un Caillou shows Bubbles having an imaginary pup. During her dreamscape the pup sinks and is lost to Bubbles, but we see it turn back to stone and is not real.

Ready, Set, Fly has one of the characters try to fly during a dangerous storm and falls. The character ends up safe, with the help of a friend.

On-sale dates for the in person program and the virtual program are separate. If you would like to attend the program in person and receive virtual access, you will need to buy two separate tickets. For additional questions or clarifications please contact

The in person program concluded on Feb 6.

In compliance with New York City’s vaccine mandate for indoor entertainment, all visitors ages 5+ and staff are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Children under the age of 5 will not be permitted to the event. Please visit BAM’s safety protocol page for the most up-to-date information.


Dream To The Sky (2021)

Dir. Khadija Boulazhar, 2min


To fly like the birds, all Detailia has to do is invent her very own flying machine. What could be easier?

Alba (2020)

Dir. Elva Arrieta, 8min


Alba is super creative and she can’t wait to play! But her Grandma doesn’t think girls should do the things Alba wants to do.

Meow Or Never (2020)

Dir. Neeraja Rajkumar, 9min


Pucha the “catstronaut” and Blip the space pup careen through the universe looking for the meaning of life in this enchanting, whimsical musical stop-motion comedy.

Bordermouse (2021)

Dir. Liqian Xu, 2min


One day, a smart little mouse starts to figure out just what makes it unique, special, and talented.

Je Suis Un Caillou (I Am a Pebble) (2020)

Dirs. Melanie Berteraut Platon, Yasmine Bresson, Leo Coulombier, Nicolas Grondin, Maxime le Chapelain, 7min


Bubble, a little otter, begins to realize that the three mossy stones she’s been living with aren’t really her family.

Anchored (2021)

Dir. Genevieve Bega, 3min


A girl who loves to fix things finds herself in a whole different world when she follows a broken robot crab she tried to help.

On The Hill (2020)

Dirs. Lukas Durica, Juraj Masiar, 9min


One night, a little robot living alone in the forest discovers a fallen star and, with that, understands the most important thing he has to do.

Home (2020)

Dir. Kinga Rofusz, 8min


Home is a very special place, and when it’s time to shift homes it is very important to know the best things to take with you.

Ready, Set, Fly (2021)

Dir. Fernanda Loh Xin Yan, 6min


Bean builds a flying machine to retrieve some golden nuts, which sounds like a great thing to do. But mostly he wants to take away all the attention from Steve.

Orchestra Rehearsal (2021)

Dir. Tatiana Okruzhnova, 6min


A musician, already running late, realizes he has to take his daughter with him to orchestra rehearsal—but she has other plans.

Mido Et Les Instrumeaux (Mido And The Instrumentals) (2020)

Dir. Roman Guillanton, 7min


Mido lives alone and loves to sing, but joining a band of traveling musical animals is a big step for somebody who has only ever performed for himself.