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Follow Your Heart
Film | Kids Follow Your Heart


RUN TIME: 65min
Single program- $5; $10; $15; $20/ Festival pass- $30, $45, $60. Tickets are pay-what-you-wish

Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022

This colorful collection of shorts is full of tenderness, lessons learned, and the power of listening to our hearts as we go through life’s adventures.

In partnership with Northwest Film Forum

Let your heart lead the way! This colorful collection of shorts is full of tenderness, lessons learned, and the power of listening to our hearts as we go through life’s adventures. This program includes films from Canada, France, Greece, Latvia, New Zealand, the United States, and Uzbekistan.

Content Advisory:
“Kiko and the Animals” shows a young boy playing harshly with animals, but he soon learns the error in his ways.

“Bluebird” has a few sequences depicting bullying and the accidental injuring of a bird, which the bullies show remorse about.

“Duet” deals with a grandmother’s passing, but the film ends on a hopeful and heartwarming note.

On-sale dates for the in person program and the virtual program are separate. If you would like to attend the program in person and receive virtual access, you will need to buy two separate tickets. For additional questions or clarifications please contact

The in person program concluded on Feb 6.

In compliance with New York City’s vaccine mandate for indoor entertainment, all visitors ages 5+ and staff are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Children under the age of 5 will not be permitted to the event. Please visit BAM’s safety protocol page for the most up-to-date information.


Milk (2021)

Dir. Celia Jaspers, 5min
New Zealand
In English


When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

Intervals (2021)

Dir. Mitchelle Tamariz, 3min
In French with English subtitles


As a female baker surrounded by male bakers, our heroine has to be rigorous and precise. But a mishap reminds her of the sheer pleasure of a cake made by oneself, for oneself.

Kiko and the Animals (2020)

Dir. Yawen Zheng, 7min
In English


The young boy Kiko is a nightmare for all the animals. He bullies them all the time, and even the smallest mouse can’t escape from him! How can the animals make him understand that they are just like him, capable of love and emotions and deserving of respect?

Looking at Childhood (2021)

Dir. Camille Scudier, 3min
In French with English subtitles


An old man is visited by the young boy he once was, as past and present unite for an instant.

World and me (2021)

Dir. Kudratillayev Eldor, 2min


A boy faces a difficult choice between his personal needs and the demands of dying nature.

Bluebird (2020)

Dir. John R. Ryan, 9min
New York Premiere


A sad little boy goes about his sad little day. Then a bluebird flies into his life and things start looking up. Joy follows them wherever they go, until—suddenly—things take a dark turn down an unfamiliar path. Wait. How did I get here? Oh, I’ve said too much. Yep. Forget I said anything.

Evan’s Drum (2021)

Dir. Ossie Michelin, 14min
In English
New York Premiere


An adventurous young boy and his determined mother share a passion for Labrador Inuit drum dancing.

Elevator Alone (2021)

Dir. Anastasia Papadopoulou, 3min
East Coast Premiere


A study of four people and the time they spend in the strange, confined, and always awkward space of the elevator. Inspired by everyday life and the difference in people’s behavior when they are alone versus in public.

No Key to Poetry (2021)

Dir Islena Neira, 3min
In French with English subtitles


Facing writer’s block, a resourceful young girl summons the powers of a chicken-pencil. Together, they embark upon a colorful adventure. Destination: imagination.

GRIEĶIJAS DĀRGUMI (Greece Treasures) (2020)

Dir. Janis Cimmermanis, 11min
New York Premiere


A retiree arrives in Halkidiki, Greece. While fishing from his boat, he discovers an old amphora, but its bottom breaks off and falls back into the sea. He calls the “Rescue Team” for help, and the three men go diving deep into the sea to find the lost object.

Duet (2021)

Dir. Yadid Hirschtritt Licht, 5min
East Coast Premiere


A moving exploration of the persistence of love, the transcendence of music, and the heartache of losing a loved one.

PrePAWsterous (2020)

Dir. Areli Quinonez, 4min
In English


When the going gets “ruff,” two rival pup scouts have to work together to solve the mystery of their missing treats.