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Shadia Mansour Lyrics

Lyrics to the first lady of Arabic hip-hop’s “Kolhum Endhum Dababaat,” “Al Kufiyyeh Arabeyyeh,” and “The Language of Peace.”

Produced by: Sandhill; Lyrics: Shadia Mansour
Oh Gaza of blood, Oh Gaza of worry
We share your sorrow and shall fulfill your struggle
Palestine, oh land of lions, we shall return
Oh freedom fighters, with your faith,
You will defeat the Zionist, racist, cowardly mission
Oh righteous martyrs of Gaza
For too long, you have stood in the line of fire
Your souls, shall be our beacons
Your victories, written all over the walls
Long live, long live, long live, Palestine
And to the Arab leaders, who are still sleeping
Where are you?
Where are your voices that should be filled with outrage and fury at this situation?

They all have tanks, but we have stones
They demolish our homes and kill our children
Oh Palestine the free, oh Gaza the brave
Zionism shall be defeated

Good morning cousins
Come in and honor us with your presence
What would you like us to serve you, Arab blood or tears from our eyes?
I think that’s how they hoped we would receive them
That’s why they got tangled up when they tripped up on their own mistake
That’s why we wore the kufeyyeh
The black and white one
Dogs of the past starting to wear it as a fashion statement
However they change it, whatever color they make it
The Kufeyyeh is Arab, and it stays Arab.
Our scarf, they want it
Our dignity, they want it
Our intellect, they want it
Everything ours…they want it
We will not be silent, will not allow it
It suits them to steal something that ain’t theirs
They imitate our style
As if all this land, is not enough,
Know how to be human
Before you wear our scarf

That’s why we wore the kufeyyeh
Because it is our national symbol
That’s why we wore the kufeyyeh
Because it is our original identity)
Come on, raise your kufeyyehs
Raise them up for Bilad esh’sham [Greater Syria, that includes Lebanon, Jordan,
Syria, Palestine]
The Kufeyyeh is Arab, and it stays Arab

There is no other after the Arab people
Show me one region in the world that is more influential
The picture is clear, we are the origins of civilization
Our history, tradition and custom bears witness to our existence
That’s why I wore the Palestinian dress
From, Haifa, Jenin, Jabal e’naar (Nablus) to Ramallah
Let me see the kufeyyeh (the red and white one)
Raise it up to the sky
I am..Shadiyat el Arab
Like an earthquake, I shake the ground
My words are war
I am...Shadia Mansour
And this scarf is my I.D.
From the day I was born, the people have been my responsibility
Look, I was raised, between the East and West
Between two languages
Between the rich and the poor
However, I am like the kufeyyeh
However you wear me, wherever you leave me
I stay true to my origin...Palestinian.

Produced by: Lethal Skillz; Lyrics: Shadia Mansour
Beware of the language of peace,
It’s all gibberish when its just words with no action
The people are sick and tired of broken promises.
I’ve heard enough of this language of peace,
Of hearing the same slogans over and over,
Getting bored of the same old story…
Beware of the familiar faces,
Of the sketchy smiles,
Of the scripts we all know too well
One minute you’re considered a terrorist
And the next minute you could be considered
A partner of peace or a statesman…
Peace seems to be hurting us, instead of saving us,
Is anyone hearing us?
How many times should we allow our dignities to be exploited?
How long should we allow this silence to go on for?
More than 60 years and we’re still waiting for peace,
As long as peace remains in progress,
The people will continue to pay the price

Since ‘67, meetings and assemblies
And the people suffer from this language of peace