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Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films

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NY Premiere
Nov 6—Nov 8, 2014
RUN TIME: Approx 1hr 15min
November 2014
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Thursday November 06, 2014
Performances no longer available.

The Andy Warhol Museum and Dean Wareham

Featuring live performances by:

Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound)
Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces)
Martin Rev (Suicide)
Tom Verlaine (Television)
Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna)

The films of Andy Warhol are provocative milestones of underground cinema, flaunting convention simply by letting the gritty world be itself[1]. They include a motionless eight-hour shot of the Empire State Building, a short of Lou Reed drinking a Coke, and erotic acts aplenty.

In Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films, curated by The Andy Warhol Museum, 15 never-before-seen, digitally restored selections from the 1960s are unveiled. Five artists representing a musical trajectory from the post-Velvet Underground 70s to today—Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna), Tom Verlaine (Television), Martin Rev (Suicide), Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces), and Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound)—perform live alongside Warhol’s celluloid oeuvre, featuring Marcel Duchamp, Edie Sedgwick, Donovan, Warhol himself, and others.

Digital transfer of Warhol films courtesy of MPC

Co-commissioned by The Andy Warhol Museum, BAM for the 2014 Next Wave Festival, and UCLA Center for the Art of Performance

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Film Stills from Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Me and Taylor (1963)
Underground film Superstar Taylor Mead mugs and dances for Andy’s camera at Warhol's Lexington Avenue home.
Untitled [John Washing] (1963)
Poet John Giorno washes the dishes in the nude in one of Warhol’s beautiful fixed camera, single take films.
Superboy [roll 3] (1966)
A shirtless muscle boy drinks a Coke in an ecstatically, in-camera edited roll used for background projection during a segment of The Chelsea Girls.
Allen [roll 2] (1964)
One of five rolls Warhol shot of Beat writers Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky during their visit to the Factory in 1964.
Screen Test: Donovan [ST 78] (1966)
60’s pop singer/songwriter Donavan Leitch sits for his Factory portrait, crossing his eyes and picking his teeth.
Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick [ST 310] (1965)
A color portrait of Superstar Edie Sedgwick seated in front of a white backdrop wearing a black top and orange mini-skirt.
Paraphernalia (1966)
Frenetic color footage of Superstar International Velvet performing with a cigarette and whip at a party at the fashion store Paraphernalia.
Nico/Antoine (1966)
Color film of the Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico and French pop singer Antoine (Pierre Antoine Muracciolo) eating bananas.
Kiss the Boot [roll 2] (1966)
Poet Gerard Malanga kisses the boot of actress Mary Woronov, shot specifically to be shown during Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia events.
Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
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Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham is a founding member of the cult indie rock bands Galaxie 500 and Luna.

Tom Verlaine

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Tom Verlaine is the frontman of the New York band Television.

Martin Rev

Keyboardist Martin Rev is co-founder of the electronic proto-punk group Suicide.

Eleanor Friedberger

Singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger is a solo artist and one-half of the Fiery Furnaces.

Bradford Cox

Atlas Sound is the solo moniker of Deerhunter frontman and provocateur Bradford Cox.

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