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Paris Commune

Oct 3—Oct 7, 2012
RUN TIME: 1hr 30min
+  Post-Show Artist Talks on Fri, Oct 5 and Sat, Oct 6 (after 7:30pm performance)
Very limited tickets remain. A standby line will form one hour prior to each performance, and seats that become available will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 
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Wednesday October 03, 2012
Performances no longer available.

By Steven Cosson and Michael Friedman
The Civilians

“The distilled world of a great play rips apart old ways of thinking, manifests a new way of being, and makes the audacious proposal that this new world could remake the real one entirely.”
—Steven Cosson and Michael Friedman

Our Show:
A revival of the radical cabaret of 19th-century Paris to tell the story of the 1871 Paris Commune—arguably the first socialist revolution in Europe—and a concert that took place there on the eve of its defeat.

Sights and Sounds:
History told and sung through engrossing first-person accounts, raucous popular songs like the Communist anthem "The Internationale," a can-can charting the history of revolution and labor in two minutes, and an operatic Army of France that kills with song.

Most interesting thing learned about the 1871 uprising:
That culture does, in fact, create the world we live in. Speeches and songs have power to shape our society. We often think of culture as a refuge from life; the Commune proves that life and culture are inseparable.

Best advice for discussing communism in social settings:
If you have to talk about dangerous things sometimes it's best to sing.

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Post-Show Artist Talks 


with The Civilians

Fri, Oct 5 

Simon Dove moderates this artist talk, which takes place in the performance venue and is free for same-day ticket holders.


with Steve Cosson, Michael Friedman, and Kristin Ross

Sat, Oct 6 (after 7:30pm performance)

Kristin Ross moderates this artist talk, which takes place in the performance venue and is free for same-day ticket holders.

Trailer for Paris Commune
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The Civilians
The Civilians

The Civilians is a center for investigative theater led by artistic director Steve Cosson that champions innovation by tackling complex and underexplored subjects.

Excerpts from The Civilians’ Tales From My Parents’ Divorce
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