“dizzying, spiritual, science-fact beauty and bracing beats”
—The Guardian (UK)



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From Berlin basement clubs to Stanford’s PhD program to an international tour with Radiohead, Holly Herndon’s electronic music, technology, and philosophy have led her on a boundary-breaking musical journey. In her latest album, PROTO, Herndon fronts and conducts an electronic pop choir composed of both human and AI voices. At BAM, she draws the audience into the mix of sonic ritual and cathartic frenzy, using digital interactions to ask how we can harness our incredible technological moment to reshape the world.
“we have an opportunity to hijack reality and make of it what we please.”
—Holly Herndon
While plenty of artists are interested in utilizing technology, few have gone to the lengths of creating an AI baby. Spawn, as Holly Herndon calls her, is her latest musical collaborator. Her attempts to mirror live singers—producing a mix of swelling harmonies and faltering phrases—highlight the uneasy, ever-closer proximity between human and machine. As Spawn’s voice is interwoven with Herndon’s raw vocals, and complex electronic compositions meld with spiritual hymns, Herndon probes the depths of what it means to be human right now.
Approx 1hr
“like it’s 3am in some Berlin basement as the beats and harmonies hover on the edge of disintegration before beautifully coalescing...a sweaty vision of joy and human potential”
“Scary brilliant A.I. music. Pretty much guaranteed that you’ve never heard or seen anything like this before.”
“A conceptual tour-de-force that lands with the force of a dance track”
— The New York Times