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Smriti Keshari
Talks In Conversation: Smriti Keshari, Bobbi Jene Smith, & Molly Webster


Jan 25, 2021
  • 6PM

If 2020 was representative of a breaking point, as we enter 2021, what are our north stars? A timely discussion of the questions we should be asking as we look to the future to inspire and create.

This new year finds us at a crossroads—looking towards a new administration, the rollout of the vaccine, and the potential reopening of institutions, productions, and so many other in-person events. It’s a critical juncture where director and multimedia artist Smriti Keshari believes the arts can play a pivotal role as both a mirror and a hammer, simultaneously reflecting and shaping where we are and where we could be headed.

Join Keshari and choreographer and former Batsheva Dance Company performer Bobbi Jene Smith for a timely conversation focused on working across disciplines and looking to the future to inspire, create, and dream, moderated by Radiolab Senior Correspondent Molly Webster. The three delve into the question, “If, in 2020, society reached its breaking point, how do we recalibrate our North Star as we head into 2021?”

Keshari’s DIS | INTEGRATION: Headlines are Frontlines, exploring the addictive nature of current media consumption through four years of newspaper headlines, was presented on the BAM sign leading up to the presidential election as part of our Fall 2020 season. Keshari and Smith are currently collaborating on a new artistic project Anatomy of An AI, and Webster is set to debut in an upcoming feature film by Mike Mills.

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