Safety Measures at BAM
Our top priority remains the health and safety of our audiences, artists, and staff.

Face masks are highly recommended at BAM. We will continue to update our policies in adherence with the latest health and safety guidelines and protocols.
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Sun & Sea FAQ

At BAM Fisher
321 Ashland Place, Brooklyn

How long is the performance?

The opera is one hour and will be performed 5 times each evening.

If I come earlier than the time on my ticket, will I be let in if space becomes available?

Yes. Since the opera is performed in successive cycles, you will be admitted as soon as space becomes available.

If I come later than the time on my ticket, will I be let in if space becomes available?

Yes. You will be admitted as soon as space becomes available.

Do I have to be vaccinated to attend?

Yes. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination and valid ID are required, as per New York City’s current mandates. Children are not currently required to be vaccinated to participate in any programs. Please see BAM’s current safety measures for more information.

Will there be a standby for Sun & Sea?

Yes. Standby tickets may be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the box office on the day of the performance, space permitting.

Would I be able to attend on a later date if I miss my original timed entry?

If you miss your performance and would like to discuss the possibility of attending a future performance, please contact us at or by calling 718.636.4100.

Would I be able to sit down if I’m unable to stand for the duration of the performance?

Yes. Please contact us at 718.636.4100 prior to the performance date to let us know your needs or please speak to our team in person on the day of the performance.

Will physical distancing be in effect during the show?

While six or more feet of physical distance between parties is not required since all guests will be vaccinated and masked, we ask that Guests avoid clusters and to maintain space between parties.

With there being multiple time slots, if people don't leave the performance after its first round, is there still enough space to allow spacing due to Covid?

Additional time slots have reduced capacity to account for people staying for more than one cycle.

What is the best time to arrive at the theater before my scheduled time?

We encourage guests to come at the time listed on their tickets.

How long are you allowed to stay in the theater once you enter?

You can stay as long as you like through the end of the final cycle. We kindly ask that guests who participate through multiple cycles allow other guests the opportunity to experience the best views of the performance, as well.