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Euripides’ HERAKLES

Mar 27—Mar 30, 2013
RUN TIME: 90min
ALL TICKETS:  $40 ($20 for veterans and groups of 10 or more)
March 2013
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Wednesday March 27, 2013
Performances no longer available.
Aquila Theatre in Euripides' HERAKLES

Translated by Peter Meineck
Directed by Desiree Sanchez
Film by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin
Lighting by David Ferri

Aquila Theatre returns to New York with a new production of Euripides' powerful tragedy HERAKLES. This production premiered in the summer of 2012 at the Michael Cacoyannis Center in Athens, Greece, and is part of Aquila's groundbreaking Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives program, which received a Chairman's Special Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities for bringing stagings of Greek drama and town hall meetings to hundreds of communities across the country, including the White House. The performance of HERAKLES at BAM is the culmination of this three-year program.

HERAKLES is set in the mythical city of Thebes at the time of the heroes. The government has been overthrown by Lycus, a soldier who feels that he should rule the city. He has condemned the daughter of the deposed king and her family to death. This is the family of Herakles, the mortal son of Zeus and great martial hero of Greece. But Herakles is away on a mission and has been gone for over a year. His wife, Megara, and mortal father, Amphityron, fear he is dead. Just as Megara, Amphityron, and the children of Herakles are about to be killed, Herakles returns and kills the tyrant Lycus. All should be well, but Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, hates all that Herakles represents and sends the spirit of Madness to send him insanity. In a frenzied rage, Herakles kills his wife and children, and when he awakens and sees what he did, he wants to take his own life.

The first production of HERAKLES happened during a time of constant war in ancient Athens and its themes still resonate today: the return of the warrior, the lot of the combat veteran, the family left at home, and the alienation of the veteran. Aquila Theatre’s production features a cast of notable New York actors and actors who are themselves combat veterans.

After each performance there will be a talk with noted writers, activists, combat veterans, and actors.

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