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Not What Happened

New York premiere
Sep 25—Sep 29, 2013
RUN TIME: Approx 1hr
+  Post-Show Artist Talk on Fri, Sep 27
September 2013
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Wednesday September 25, 2013
Performances no longer available.

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Conceived and written by Ain Gordon
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

How do we reconstruct a place in time when it leaves no trace? In Not What Happened, Obie Award-winning writer-director Ain Gordon, photographer Forrest Holzapfel, and director Ken Rus Schmoll take that question to the overlooked farms and fallow fields of America’s rural past.

Two seemingly identical women appear on stage: one is a historical reenactor nearing the end of her career, theatrically channeling a bygone 1804; the other is her doppelganger, the 19th-century subject she “recreates.” Amid projected images of cast-off farm tools and other ruins of rural life, we follow the reenactor’s crafted narrative alongside that of her ghostly double. History lived vies with history told, leaving us to wonder: can we ever know what really happened?

Images by photographer Forrest Holzapfel
Set and costume design by Arnulfo Maldonado
Lighting design by Nick Ryckert

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Post-Show Artist Talk  

With Ain Gordon and Forrest Holzapfel 

Fri, Sep 27

David Finkle moderates this artist talk, which takes place in the performance venue and is free for same-day ticket holders.

Ain Gordon

Ain Gordon is a three-time Obie Award-winning writer, director, and actor.

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Sep 17—Dec 22, 2013
2013 Next Wave Festival
Sep 17—Dec 22, 2013

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