The Judas Kiss

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US Premiere
May 11—Jun 12, 2016
RUN TIME: 2hrs 30min (with intermission)
Subscription discount applies May 11—22 only. Prices subject to change after November 29. This presentation contains nudity. Gallery seating is only accessible by 70 stairs. 
May 2016
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Wednesday May 11, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Written by David Hare
Directed by Neil Armfield

“Rupert Everett delivers a performance that deserves to become legendary.”
—The Hollywood Reporter
“Everett’s performance embodies the paradox that comes from viewing great tragedy: as your heart breaks for his character you cannot but be inspired by the talent it takes to bring this feat of emotional complexity to life. This one’s not to be missed.”
—Toronto Star
“…gorgeous draperies, Wagnerian music, Caravaggian lighting, awesome nudity. It’s all Hare needed, and all Wilde would have wanted.”
—New York
"…an emotionally rich drama illuminated by Hare’s customary insight and humanity.”
—The Globe and Mail

In the spring of 1895, Oscar Wilde was larger than life. His masterpiece The Importance of Being Earnest was a hit in the West End; he was the toast of London. Yet by summer he was serving two years in prison for gross indecency.

Celebrated film and stage actor Rupert Everett captures the brilliant gay aesthete in the Hampstead Theatre production of lauded playwright David Hare’s (Skylight, The Hours) 1998 play, courtesy of Chichester Festival Theatre and directed by Neil Armfield (The Diary of a Madman, 2011 Spring Season). Taking as its inspiration the “love that dare not speak its name”—Wilde’s adoration for Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas—The Judas Kiss captures the before and after of Wilde’s downfall: cajoled by Bosie into an ill-fated trial, then destitute and in exile in Naples following his imprisonment. The result is this multidimensional study of an icon faced with annihilation, still cleaving with remarkable sincerity to his ideals of beauty “above everything, and in all things.”

Set design by Dale Ferguson
Lighting design by Rick Fisher
Costume design by Sue Blane
Sound design by Paul Groothuis
Composed by Alan John

Chichester Festival Theatre in association with Robert Fox, Theatre Royal Bath Productions, and Hampstead Theatre Productions

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