100 Billion Nighttimes
A Billion Nights on Earth
Nov 15—Nov 18, 2017

Created by Thaddeus Phillips
In collaboration with Steven Dufala


A late-night trip to the refrigerator for a glass of milk opens a door to another dimension in this theatrical epic inspired by pop-up books, Kabuki stagecraft, and parent-child relationships. Eschewing the shoulds and should-nots of adulthood for the anarchic laws of play, visionary director Thaddeus Phillips (17 Border Crossings, 2015 Next Wave) and Obie Award-winning installation artist Steven Dufala conjure a spectacular quest through space and time, guided by sleight-of-hand stagecraft, a cinematic score by Juan Gabriel Turbay, and the limitless possibilities of the imagination. When a treasured object goes missing, real-life father and son actors (Michael and Winslow Fegley) must rely on their own creativity, and each other, to survive a world of wild landscapes—and still make it back home.

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Thaddeus Phillips creates his first children's show with 'A Billion Nights on Earth'—Philly.cpm
Thaddeus Phillips creates his first children's show with 'A Billion Nights on Earth'—Philly.com
An interview with the show’s collaborators
“When you become a parent, you are reminded more than ever as you explain to your child about the stars and planets, about the fantastic and the sheer shock of how amazing and unexplainable it all is.”
— Thaddeus Phillips