Richard Serra
Visual Art
Artist Spotlight: Richard Serra Peter Jay Sharp Building
Dorothy W. Leavitt Lobby
Jan 17—May 13, 2020

BAM presents Richard Serra’s Finally Finished I, 2017 from a recent series of prints.

8am—11pm daily


Richard Serra
Finally Finished I, 2017
1-color etching
75 x 59 ¾ inches
© 2017 Richard Serra and Gemini G.E.L.
Courtesy of the artist

BAM is proud to present Richard Serra’s Finally Finished I, 2017 as a season highlight. One of the preeminent artists of his generation, Serra is acclaimed for his unflinching dedication to material and form. Serra’s large-scale works pull viewers into conversation with the site and medium by balancing positive and negative space with monumentality.

BAM is proud to present Richard Serra’s Finally Finished I, part of a series of prints based on drawings begun in the 1990s. For the works in this series, which recently became fully realized as finished prints, Serra employed painstick (compressed oil paint, wax, and pigment) which serves as a parallel to the large-scale sculptural work he’s best known for. These works encapsulate a visceral sense of gravity and magnitude, with weighty black ink floating over the white exposed spaces on the paper.

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