Safety Measures at BAM
Our top priority remains the health and safety of our audiences, artists, and staff.

Face masks are highly recommended at BAM. We will continue to update our policies in adherence with the latest health and safety guidelines and protocols.
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Visual Art

CKTV Artists

Sam Anderson
Thomas Arsenault
Carrick Bell
David Berezin
BFFA3AE [Daniel Chew, Mica Chu, Matthew Wells Gaffney]
Phil Birch
BLANKO & NOIRY [Frank Haines, Chris Kachulis and Reuben Lorch-Miller]
Cab Broskoski
Christie Brown
Samuel Budin
Nicholas Buffon
Jay Buim
Luke Boggia and Ashleigh Carraway
Nathan Saltmarsh Caswell
Latham Zearfoss and Mary Helena Clark
Ned Colclough
Dan Cooper
Eliza Swann and Emma Corral
Andrea Morici and Warren DeFever
Kalika Farmer
Ryan Foerster
Daniele Frazier
Rochelle Goldberg
Clara Dykstra and Bee Harris
Jacques Louis Vidal, Brian Faucett, and
Dmitri Hertz
Katie Hickman
Joel Holmberg
Reily Hooker
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
Dylan Spaysky and Chido Johnson
Sanya Kantarovsky
Sameer Kapoor
Richard Kern
Zak Kitnick
Kyle Knodell
Lindsay Lawson
Maggie Lee
Caitlin McKee and Seung-Min Lee
Jack Henry and Kylie Lockwood
Sara Magenheimer
Jesse Malmed
Carly Mark
Jerstin Crosby and Tommy Martinez
Rachel Mason
Zeljko McMullen
Reid Ramirez and Andy Meerow
Merkx and Gwynne
Brett Milspaw
NEW HUMANS [Mika Tajima and Howie Chen]
Boru O'Brien O'Connell
Grear Patterson
Annie Pearlman
Rian Pickell
Jory Rabinovitz
Rachel Rampleman
Chris Rice
Stephen Russell
Ben Russell
Jon Santos
Saki Sato
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
Josh Slater
Konrad Smolenski and Brian Miller
A.L. Steiner + Chicks on Speed [Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie, Kathi Glas, Anat Ben-David]
Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly
Jennifer Sullivan
Andrew Sutherland
Vaughn Taormina and Brad Taormina
Jeffrey Tranchell
Stewart Uoo
Erika Wesserman
Olivia Wyatt