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WeBop® FAQ

What do you do in WeBop®?

Each class is led by a WeBop® teacher and features a piano accompanist, incorporating both live and recorded music with educational activities and storytelling. The class encourages families to learn about jazz and express themselves through movement, singing, clapping and playing small percussion instruments. In addition to these activities, professional jazz musicians visit WeBop® at least twice a term to introduce the children to live music and instruments, reinforcing the repertoire and concepts learned in class.

Do the children play musical instruments?

The WeBop classroom has a wide variety of musical instruments for the children to explore and play in class, including: glockenspiels, maracas, bongos, congas, tambourines, and other small percussion instruments. The children are exposed to piano with our accompanist each week, and they also experience other musical instruments when our guest musicians visit class.

Is WeBop® a drop-off class?

No. WeBop® focuses on the parent/guardian-child dyad and the relationship that they build while experiencing jazz together.

Who teaches WeBop®?

The majority of our WeBop® teachers are graduates or current students at Columbia Teachers College, and all specialize in early childhood music education. They have all completed at least an undergraduate degree in musical and/or jazz performance.

How many students are in each class?

There are 10 parent/guardian -child dyads in both Stompers and Gumbo Group.

Can my child join a certain age group if he/she is turning the minimum age after the first few lessons?

The WeBop® curriculum is specifically designed for the developmental strengths of each age group, so children must be of age before the start of each specific class. The minimum ages are 2 years old for Stompers and 3 years old for Gumbo Group. An exception can be made if the child is turning the minimum age within the first two weeks of class.


Can my child join a certain age group if he/she is not of age, but exceptionally talented and/or has taken other music classes before?

(see previous answer above) We recognize that many of our students are exceptionally talented and have had strong exposure to music at an early age. Many have participated in WeBop® or other music classes before, and it is this mix of experiences that contributes to the richness of WeBop® class, where group interaction is encouraged.

If my child has a disability can he/she join?

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. Please contact our staff at to determine if this setting is the right one for you and your child.

May I bring another child to class? (i.e. A sibling who is not in the same age group as the other child)

If you have a second child, please plan to have a second adult accompany him/her in our lower lobby waiting area. The WeBop® curriculum places a very strong emphasis on the parent-child experience, and having only students in the classroom allows each child to get the proper attention in class.

How many parents may attend class?

Only one (1) adult is allowed in class at a time to respect the parent/guardian -child dyad focus, to be fair to all students, and to respect our classroom capacity. Please contact our staff at 718.724.8129 in advance if you would like to bring other guests to class (adults only). They may observe along the side, provided there is room, or wait just outside our classroom and “switch” with the other parent or guardian during class.

Are there makeup classes?

BAM will provide one makeup class session on March 30, 2014 for families.

The makeup class is subject to availability, is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and may not be rescheduled if missed. To schedule a makeup class please email or call 718.724.8129

Are there refunds?

Tuition fee is fully refundable up to two weeks before the start of the term. No refunds will be issued once classes begin.