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Film | Kids

Young Filmmakers Showcase

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Feb 5—13, 2022
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RUN TIME: 45min

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Saturday February 05, 2022
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Enjoy a selection of animated and live-action shorts created by young filmmakers—age 14 or younger—from NYC and around the world.

This virtual film program will be live and accessible starting Sat, Feb 5.


Dirs. Tjan Rozmaric, Luka Znidaric (ages 10)


Stop-motion animation made by 10-year-old children from Primary School Gornja Radgona in Slovenia about parkour, the practice of traversing through the use of running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling, and other movements.

Clumsy Cop’s Day Off (O Policial Atrapalhado de Folga)

Dir. João Paulo Khoder Dolher (age 8)


Clumsy Cop takes a day off and goes swimming in the lake, but there’s someone who doesn’t want to let him rest.

Two Robots

Dir. Dmitriy Naumov (age 9)
Mentor: Anastasia Gidion


A tale of two iron robots—one working, one broken—that shows how important it is to support each other in everything and always, because friendship works wonders! A story about genuine compassion, sincere kindness, and helping a close friend.


Dirs. Vivianne Steiner (age 11), Aurélie Schneider (age 11), Lucie Schneider (age 8)
Germany, France


Strange things happen in the small cubbyhole under the stairs, I’m so scaaaared!!!

Bad Bugs

Dir. Bryn Wright (age 10)
United States


A claymation movie about the importance of using natural solutions for your bug problems—something the filmmaker is passionate about—inspired by one of her "grub hunting” sessions.

The Name of Our Land

Dirs. Luana Ferraz, Francisco Nascimento, Santiago Abreu, João Matias Sousa, M. Leonor Gomes, Petra Santos, Luana Lucas, Isa Fernandes (ages 7 & 8)
Mentor: Rui Duque


Portuguese navigators set out in search of new territories. They arrive at an island, where a beautiful bay stands out...

Dinosaur Desk

Dir. Ashoka Kerns (age 12)
United States/Japan


Clay dinosaurs live on a desk.

Mr. Beginning

Dirs. Filip Svržnjak Zaletel, Eva Matuš, Tisa Matuš, Leon Marko, Migel Hiršl, Boris Kralj Janža, Ivan, Friderich, Svetja Persin Djogič (ages 9–12)
Mentors: Janja Kosi, Jelena Dragutinović


How Mr. Beginning found his End.

To Live: Give and Receive

Dirs. Érica Agrela, Inês Sousa, Maria Gomes, João Tomás Freitas Abreu, Maria Serrão, Sérgio Faria, Tiago Graça, Guilherme Graça, Carlos Nascimento, Ana Natacha Faria, Leonor Oliveira (ages 7–9)
Mentors: Madalena Fraga, Rui Duque


A child plays by the sea. After getting hurt, he gets help from a fisherman, triggering a set of unexpected events

Love of a Horse and a Whale

Dir. Anastasia Shinkare (age 9)


A horse meets a terrible monster and almost perishes, but love turns out to be a savior.


Dirs. Ela Rovsnik, Lena Znidaric, Mila Strah, Mara Zorman, Lucy N. Hajdinjak (ages 11)


According to a Slovenian legend, people often find springs of good water where the Catez Dwarf was seen.

Friends Love

Dir. Diya M. (age 12)


The love and affection between a parrot and a tree show how our existence depends upon helping each other. Everything on this earth is linked together.


Dirs. Cherepanova Dasha, Selivanova Polina, Kozlova Nastya, Petruk Lisa, Rassvetny Svyatoslav, Fedotova Leila, Zhdanova Sasha, Balash Varvara, Dugarov Caesar, Grushnitskaya Taisiya (ages 4–5)


A story about an unusual friendship told by 4- and 5-year-old children.

Bats & White Nose Syndrome

Dir. Henry Sobel (age 11)
United States


This short film was created to raise awareness and provide a simple solution to help keep bats healthy. Learn how white nose syndrome spreads and affects the health of bats. And, if you are interested in helping bats, you can build a bat box!

The Dove and the Ant

Dirs. Salvador, Lucas, Petra, Diego, Francisca, Carolina, Santiago, Fabiana, Luana, Salvador, Lucas, Diego (ages 6 & 7)
Mentor: Rui Duque


When someone realizes that others are in difficulty, kindness is a value manifested by some.

Attack of the Bee

Dir. Ashoka Kerns (age 12)
United States/Japan


Bees are everywhere! Watch out for the bees!

Grandma's Snowglobe.

Dir. Marysia Łacińska (age 12)


A grandma and granddaughter. An intergenerational bond. What happens next?

The Adventures of Little Crab

Dirs. Gala Tucman Mukić, Dora Zebec, Maja Zebec, Nika Grbeša, Nina Boroša, Laura Jajaš, Mirta Grubišić, Iskra Grubišić, Ante Šoše, Iva Grgurić, Darko Grgurić, Petar Ilijaš, Mihael Ilijaš, Jana Bratuša (ages 6–10)
Mentors: Janja Kosi, Jelena Dragutinović


Little Crab takes on a big adventure.

Pangolin Protection

Dir. Piper Sobel (age 11)
United States


Learn about pangolins and how you can help save them.


Dirs. Gorshkova Sofia, Tsyganova Mira, Bogoyavlensky Fedya, Danilchenko Misha, Eva Starchuk, Yanshole Lera, Kasyanova Tasia, Soloboeva Tanya, Sivolobova Mariana, Zykov Grisha, Vlasova Nastya (ages 3—5)


Cartoon children’s reasoning about the bird of the night.

There Are No Things Unwanted.

Dir. Zoja Matysiak (age 12)


Excessive consumerism. Fashions quickly pass away. But, there are no unwanted things...


Dirs. Anja Bajuk, Tjaša Vraničar, Žan Žlogar, Lucija Kostelec, Lana Kramarič (ages 11—13) Mentors: Lene Lekše, Jelena Dragutinović, Duška Vlašič


In the Slovenian region of Bela Krajina, a series of dance songs and games are performed accompanied only by singing and the rhythm of the dancers’ steps. Various parts are led by a “vojarinka,” a female who begins the songs with her solos, accompanied by the rest of the group in various parts.

The Bird Sat on the Branch

Dirs. Uma Mavrič Lobe, Neža Žagar Reškovič, Jure Šantej (ages 10—13) Mentors: Janja Kosi, Jelena Dragutinović


A poetic animation exploring the magic of transformations.


Dir. Anastasia Korchagina (age 14)


Christmas is a magical time, but sometimes people around us try to stop us from believing in magic.

T. Rex Escape

Dir. Malcolm King (age 9)


T. Rex has escaped from another realm and entered Legovia. He causes mass destruction until he is stopped by Mac, a young scientist who created a spaceship that can turn dinosaurs into toast.

Adventure Friends
Adventure Friends
Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022
Adventure Friends
Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022

Imagination and unexpected friendships are the best ingredients to stir up adventure in these animated shorts from around the world.

Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart
Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022
Follow Your Heart
Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022
AGES 6—8

This colorful collection of shorts is full of tenderness, lessons learned, and the power of listening to our hearts as we go through life’s adventures.