BAM Youth Summer Programs Policies


  • Participants are expected to attend all scheduled activities Monday through Friday.
  • Each workshop culminates in a sharing event for family and friends. Participants must attend every workshop session to participate in the culminating event.
  • If a circumstance requires that you need to pick up your child during program, contact the program manager in advance to make the arrangements.
  • If you know your child is going to be absent on a certain day, we ask that you contact the program manager and provide a written note the day before or call on the day your child is absent.


  • BAM does not offer partial or full refunds for workshops.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Summer Workshop arrival and dismissal will take place in the BAM Fisher Lobby located at 321 Ashland Place. Parents/guardians will sign-in and out your child each day at the check-in kiosk located in the lobby. Please walk your child to the lobby unless you have indicated in writing that your child can arrive at the program by him or herself. In order for children to arrive and leave on their own they must be over 12 years of age.


  • Authorized pickups are persons 18 years or older. If it is an emergency situation, please inform the program manager of the person’s name if they are not listed on the authorized pickup list. They will need to bring a photo ID. No child will be released to an unauthorized person. You will be able to add to your pickup list throughout the summer as long as you submit any additions to the program manager in writing.

Medical Form

  • Parent must provide an up to date medical form from a pediatrician prior to start of camp.


  • A sick child is to be kept at the home for his/her sake and for the sake of other participants. Many communicable diseases begin with cold-like symptoms. If the program manager determines that a child is too ill to attend the program he/she will call the parent/guardian to arrange for someone to pick up the child.


  • If a child is injured, the staff (certified in Basic Life Support and First Aid) will take whatever steps necessary to administer care and/or obtain emergency medical care. These steps include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Illness/Injury/Emergency Procedures
  • Administer First Aid
  • Call an ambulance or paramedic, if necessary
  • Attempt to contact parent/guardian
  • If parent/guardian cannot be reached, we will call the names listed as Emergency Contact.
  • If necessary, the child will be taken to the hospital and accompanied by a staff member who will remain with the child until a parent or guardian arrives.


  • Parents must arrange for someone to come to camp to administer any medications. Camp staff cannot administer medicines.
  • Parents must speak to the program manager about asthma pumps. All participants must be observed when using asthma pumps. An extra asthma pump is recommended, to be kept in the BAM office medical lockbox in a plastic zip bag labeled with child’s name and group in case the child forgets the pump at home or loses the pump during the day.
  • Parents must teach children how to administer sunscreen lotion and instruct them about the importance of washing their hands and not rubbing their eyes.


  • Children must bring a bagged lunch and a labeled water bottle from home. We have water fountains on premises that can be used to refill bottles throughout the day.
  • Parents can pack the lunch in an insulated lunch bag that can be purchased at a drug store. Parents must supply snack. Snack opportunities will occur mid-morning and mid-afternoon Monday through Friday. In order to encourage healthy choices, we would appreciate that all lunch food and snacks be as nutritious as possible. We strive to be a peanut free camp; please respect the potential allergies of other participants by refraining from sending any foods containing nuts or nut products.

Personal Property

  • All materials required for our summer programs are supplied by BAM. We ask that toys, radios, iPods, Gameboys, CD players, video games, trading cards, and other personal items are not brought to the program. If your child brings one of the above items, we will hold onto the item until dismissal. BAM is not responsible for any lost items including backpacks, clothing, or any other personal items. No cell phones may be used by campers during the camp day unless they are given specific permission by the program manager. Camera cell phones are never permitted in camp.


  • Children must wear comfortable clothing to camp (i.e. T-shirts, shorts, etc.) and wear close-toed footwear. No open-toed sandals or flip-flops. The A/C in the building can be cool so we recommend a light sweatshirt and sweatpants if necessary.

Participant Conduct

  • BAM strives to provide a safe, engaging program environment for each participant. To this end, we’ve established and uphold some important principles. Please review the rules and expectations below with your child prior to the program:
  • Listen and respect the staff and other participants.
  • Respect each other’s feelings and personal belongings.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • No fighting, screaming, or cursing.
  • Be cooperative and always seek to find common ground with others.
  • Stay with your buddy and group at all times.
  • If something or someone is bothering or upsetting you, talk to a BAM staff person.
  • If you used it, put it back. Whatever you brought with you, make sure it leaves with you.
  • Find something new to try every day and have fun!