Jan 1, 2022—Jun 30, 2023


From fiction to memoir, poetry to photography, this series celebrates new books and their authors. Through a partnership between BAM and independent, local favorite Greenlight Bookstore, Unbound creates a dynamic space for audiences to engage with critical questions facing our society. Past authors range from Nobel Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai to music icon Elvis Costello, from fantasy maverick Neil Gaiman to cultural critic Roxane Gay, giving voice to a wide array of narratives and literary forms.

Books are for sale at each event—either pre-signed or with a signing to follow—with bundled and discounted options, so you can take home the featured author’s work!

Unbound takes place in venues across BAM’s campus. Greenlight Bookstore is BAM’s official bookseller, with kiosks set up in our lobbies, carrying a selection of show-related merchandise and curated books. For more information, visit: greenlightbookstore.com/BAM