BAM Membership for IDNYC Card Holders

What is IDNYC?
IDNYC is a government-issued photo identification card. IDNYC will secure the peace of mind and access to New York City services that come from having recognized identification.

Who can obtain an IDNYC card?
All New York City residents. IDNYC benefits every city resident, including the most vulnerable communities: the homeless, youth, the elderly, undocumented immigrants, the formerly incarcerated, and others who may have difficulty obtaining other government-issued ID.

How can I get an IDNYC card?
Visit IDNYC’s website to start your application online and schedule an appointment at an Enrollment Center near you.

How much does an IDNYC card cost?
All IDNYC cards are free.

How do I apply for my BAM membership with my IDNYC card?
Send your completed membership application form with a scan of your IDNYC card to membership@BAM.org with the subject line “IDNYC Application”. Please note that applications may take a few weeks to process. You will be notified by email when your membership is active.

If you meet the requirements, you will receive a welcome email with your membership number and instructions on how to login to your account on BAM.org, where you can purchase tickets, access your account, and view a PDF of your digital membership card.

Do I need to have my physical IDNYC card before I apply for a membership at BAM?
Yes, BAM requires that all applicants present their IDNYC card for verification or email a copy of the card to membership@BAM.org.

What membership is BAM offering to IDNYC card holders?
BAM is offering all IDNYC card holders a free Level 1 membership for one year.

Are there any restrictions on who can obtain a free BAM membership?
Individuals who have redeemed a free BAM membership or paid for a BAM membership within the last five years are not eligible for a free IDNYC membership.

Can I apply for free BAM membership now, even though I’ve had my IDNYC card for several years?
Yes, individuals can apply for BAM membership with any active IDNYC card, regardless of what year it was issued.

What is included in the Level 1 BAM membership?
• Advance access to live performance and special screening tickets
• 50% off same-day live performance tickets*
• 20% off live performance tickets during member discount days
• Access to Member Mingles
• 10% off at BAM Dining Partners and Greenlight Bookstore
• 50% off regular-price movie tickets for one**
• $5 off tickets to special screenings for two

*Limit 2 tickets. Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers.
**Applies to regular-price movies and 3D screenings only.