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Film | Kids

Eyes Wide Open

Ages 9—11
Feb 5—Feb 13, 2022
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RUN TIME: 92min
Single program-$5; $10; $15; $20/ Festival pass- $30, 45, 60. Tickets are pay-what-you-wish

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Saturday February 05, 2022
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In partnership with Northwest Film Forum

As kids get bigger, so does everything else in their world. The young protagonists of these thought-provoking films ask big questions, make big choices, and even teach the grown-ups a thing or two. Watch as they summon their courage to face difficult situations and learn to embrace their everyday superpowers. This program includes films from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Mongolia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Content Advisory:
In “Napo,” a boy grapples with his grandfather’s memory loss and eventual passing. The film ends on a hopeful note, with the boy cherishing the memories of his grandfather.

“Mateus” has a few sequences depicting bullying. Ultimately, the protagonist stands up for himself, embracing his alter ego—a knight. The action scenes are mild and playful in tone.

In “Doze,” a boy explores his city by himself against his mother’s wishes.

On-sale dates for the in person program and the virtual program are separate. If you would like to attend the program in person and receive virtual access, you will need to buy two separate tickets. For additional questions or clarifications please contact

The in person program concluded on Feb 6.

In compliance with New York City’s vaccine mandate for indoor entertainment, all visitors ages 5+ and staff are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Children under the age of 5 will not be permitted to the event. Please visit BAM’s safety protocol page for the most up-to-date information.

Jump (2021)

Dir. Stanley Hector, 6min


A tale of overcoming your fears, “Jump” sends the message that on the other side of any challenge is an experience that will strengthen your character and stay with you for a lifetime.

The Girls of the Wind (2021)

Dir. Heloise Ferlay, 3min
In French with English subtitles


Searching for independence, a young girl receives an unexpected visit from the Daughters of Wind. They give her hope and momentum to grow. A new day is dawning.

Camion (Truck) (2019)

Dir. Fatemeh Fereydoun, 6min
Iran, Islamic Republic
In Farsi with English subtitles
East Coast Premiere


One boy has a cute eraser in the shape of a truck. Another boy likes that eraser. Our story begins when the eraser is lost.

Mateus (2021)

Dir. Caleb Pimpo, 11min
In English


A young boy copes with being bullied by imagining himself as a knight in a fantasy world.

Dreaming (2021)

Dir. Caitlin Wong, 3min
US Premiere


Night descends on Hong Kong and a young girl prepares for bed, but the city does not sleep. Lights from outside illuminate her room, but they take a turn as riots come near and begin to cast dark shadows, which morph and distort to reflect the anger and anguish of the protestors outside.

Duermevela (Doze) (2019)

Dir. Alfonso Acosta, 7min
In Spanish with English subtitles


Growing up is never easy. Moved by boredom, loneliness, and the pressure of his friends, 13-year-old Daniel disobeys his mother’s instructions and ventures into unknown streets, where he finds support from a new four-legged friend.

Giovanni (2021)

Dirs. Marco Di Gerlando & Ludovica Gibelli, 5min
In Italian with English subtitles
New York Premiere


Six-year-old Giovanni goes to the park with his mom. He sits on a bench and starts playing with his doll, but the gentleman next to him doesn’t seem to like what he’s doing…

Napo (2020)

Dir. Gustavo Ribeiro, 16min


John can’t understand the illness that drives his grandfather between past and present states. One day, he stumbles across an old photo album and lets the images guide his imagination, transforming his grandpa’s memories into drawings.

The Dukha (2021)

Dirs. Carmen Morrow, Zach Wolf, 8min
In English/Dukhan with English subtitles
New York Premiere


In the remote taiga of northern Mongolia live the Dukha, one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. Five-year-old Tuvshuu and his sisters help with their family’s herd at the summer camp, where there are cool winds and plenty of grass. Their way of life and knowledge of reindeer has been passed down for millennia. With less than 40 Dukha families left in the world, Tuvshuu has some big decisions ahead.

Spring Always Comes Back (2021)

Dir. Alicia Núñez Puerto, 10min


The story of grandma Margara and her four grandchildren. A story about those who left and, above all, those who stayed.

Tails on Ice (2021)

Dir. Miranda Currie, 11min
In English
US Premiere


This heartwarming story set in the coldest of climates follows Ellesmere, a loveable Canadian Inuit sled dog who has the potential to be the next alpha female. Along with her musher and pack, Ellesmere must navigate strong winds, snowstorms, and pack dynamics. She must learn survival skills from the matriarchs that came before her in order to not only earn, but defend her position. Whatever happens, Ellesmere finds that every dog has a place in the pack.

Treasures Beneath My Tree (2021)

Dir. Alexandra Cerna, 5min
East Coast Premiere


A child reconnects to her fondest memories through a box of treasures she kept beneath a tree.

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The 24th Annual BAMkids Film Festival Ballots
Feb 5—Mar 13, 2022
The 24th Annual BAMkids Film Festival Ballots
Feb 5—Mar 13, 2022
We hope you enjoyed the films and encourage you to vote for your favorites! Select the ballots for the programs you watched and let us know which short film in each you think is best.
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