More than a tour, BAMtravel is a totally unique cultural adventure.

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Meet fellow travelers who share a passion for the arts and attend special events that only BAM could arrange. If you enjoy BAM in Brooklyn, you'll love BAM on the road, where you'll enjoy shared meals and conversations, private tours, relaxation, parties-and, of course, superb world-class performances by some of most formidable talents in contemporary theater, dance, and opera.

Past BAMtravel packages have included trips to Greece and London, where patrons, board members, and friends attended performances of The Bridge Project; a humanitarian mission to Havana, Cuba, as part of a cultural exchange, where guests enjoyed live music and dance performances and met artists in their studios; and a four-day package to Versailles, where travelers were treated to a performance of the landmark Baroque opera Atys, by the incomparable Les Arts Florissants and conducted by William Christie, at the magnificent Château de Versailles—400 years after its original Paris premiere.

BAM Travel 2019
BAMtravel 2019 Tour: Paris

Join BAM on an arts-themed tour of the City of Lights.

Apr 26—May 1, 2019
Amsterdam BAMtravel 2018
BAMtravel 2018 Tour: Amsterdam

BAMtravel heads to Amsterdam for an immersion in the city’s best cultural offerings.

May 5—May 10, 2018
BAMtravel 2017 Tour
BAMtravel 2017 Tour: Berlin

Experience world-class art and worldwide adventure with BAMtravel’s exclusive tour of Berlin.

Apr 20—Apr 25, 2017
BAMtravel 2015 Tour

BAMtravel heads to Scotland for the Edinburgh International Festival.

Aug 18—Aug 23, 2015
BAMtravel 2014 Tour

Experience true cultural adventure and world-class performances with BAMtravel.

Jun 21—Jun 26, 2014
BAMtravel 2013 Tour

Experience true cultural adventure and world-class performances with BAMtravel.

Jul 18—Jul 23, 2013