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Subscription discount applies to Opera House and Harvey Theater presentations only. BAM Fisher presentations are all $25 and are eligible for a subscription package.


Building the future



A growing endowment is the foundation for programming that continues to set new standards for artistic daring and excellence.


Great institutions are built on great endowments, and at BAM, a growing endowment is the foundation for expansive programming that continues to set new standards for artistic daring and excellence. 

BAM established the endowment in 1992 with gifts from visionary donors and supporters throughout the BAM family. The endowment helps BAM by providing the financial underpinning to launch new artistic initiatives, plan for future years, seize opportunities for institutional advancement, and confront unanticipated challenges.

Endowment funds work in concert with operating funds to give BAM a diversified financial platform capable of addressing both the current and long-term needs of BAM programs. While operating gifts help cover the annual costs of putting artistic work on BAM stages, endowment gifts are invested to earn interest. BAM receives a fraction of the fund's value annually (5% of the average value over nine quarters), which offers a steady income stream for everything from basic needs to special artistic initiatives. Endowment growth thus ensures a larger income stream in future years. 

Since its inception, the BAM Endowment has increased steadily, thanks to gifts from friends ranging from foundations to individuals to corporations. BAM's friends and supporters can help guarantee the future of innovative performing, cinema, literary, and visual arts as well as corresponding student programs by making a gift for the BAM Endowment.

BAM is happy to recognize endowment gifts through commemorative opportunities such as named spaces, endowed seats, and named endowed funds for programs or special initiatives as desired.

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